Your guide to different Types of Fades

Men’s hair with no signs of Fade is a rarity. Because of their long history, faded men’s haircuts never go out of fashion. Without fades, men’s haircuts are incomplete and uninteresting. One can also experiment with a variety of fading techniques to create a unique look and feel. Fades in men’s haircuts come in more than 50 varieties, but did you know there are only seven primary fades?

All other fades are built on top of the seven basic fade types. Find out more about the various types of fades, including the seven most common ones, in this article.

What is a fade?

The back and sides of the hair are gradually shortened in a fade haircut. To achieve the perfect fade, clippers are frequently employed.

You have complete control over the length of the hair on top of fades. In order to keep your Fade looking its best, you should trim it every four to six weeks.

7 Basic Types of Fades

Since the barber industry is constantly evolving and adapting to new trends, it may be difficult to keep up with the variety of fades you see. There will always be two or more underlying fades in any fade style, regardless of how it is applied to hair.

To summarise, there are seven basic fade styles to be aware of.

  • Medium Fade
  • Low Fade
  • High Fade
  • Skin Fade
  • Temple Fade
  • Burst Fade
  • Drop Fade

Let’s learn about each and every Fade type!

1) Low Fade

For those who prefer a more natural look, a short haircut with a low fade is a great option. Low fades are characterized by a shorter fade in the direction of the ear.

Long hair gives the appearance of extra length because it covers a larger area of the head than short or fading hair.

Once it reaches your earlobes, the length has reached its maximum, and the cut is finished. A diamond or triangular-shaped head is ideal for this fade cut.

2) Medium Fade

At the halfway point between the ears, the mid-fades begin to fade in. If you think about a typical fade, you’re probably thinking of something along the lines of a medium fade.

For an asymmetrical look, it is best to keep the lower portion of the head’s hair longer.

The pompadour can experiment with thanks to the versatility of medium fade haircuts.

3) High Fade

In contrast to a low fade that begins at the ear, a high fade begins at the temples and descends to the ear. The hair on the sides and back of the head is frequently shaved down to the skin’s surface. Has an uncanny habit of appearing in such a manner at all times.

The low-maintenance nature of the high fade style is due to the fact that the majority of your hair is shaved close to the scalp.

If you have short hair on the back and sides, adding a high fade to the crown can give the illusion that your hair is longer on top. It’s because of this that so many people enjoy it.

4) Skin Fade/Bald Fade

The terms “zero fades” and “bald fades” are also used to describe skin fading. At its peak, the hair must be shaved off, like any other skin fade.

Bald fade hairstyles are ideal for men who want to draw attention to the contrast between their facial hair and their haircut.

When your skin fades away, you get a high-contrast look. This is eye-catching and edgy. When your skin tone changes, you’ll notice that your scalp is noticeably paler than the rest of your body.

5) Temple Fade

The temple fade haircut is popular among men with afro hair because it looks good on them. In order to create temple fades, clippers are used to cut and shape hair at the temples. Behind the temples, there’s a line that doesn’t disappear.

Temple fades can be used with any type of Fade. They are, however, most commonly used on high fades, because other fade types do not begin at the temple area of the face.

6) Burst Fade

When there are circular burst fades, they create a semi-circle around the ear. Due to the fade line’s circular motion, this is the case.

With a burst fade on the sides and back, you’ll have a more dynamic look. The top of your head’s hair can be styled in a variety of ways. The fact that it appears to be so one-of-a-kind and difficult belies its ease of completion.

In order to achieve a more subtle look, you can leave a few hairs on your ears, or go all the way down to your skin.

7) Drop Fade

If the artist prefers, drop fades can start high, mid, or low. Your back fade line is lower than your side fade line, and this is true for all fade lines. The name “drop fade” comes from the downward slope of the fade line.

Try it out if you’re looking for something new.

Which are the best types of fades for curly hair?

If you have curly hair, you can probably use any of the Fade styles. Regardless of how modern the fades are, they still work wonders on curly hair. The best fades for curly and wavy hair, respectively, are listed below:

1) Low Fade for Curly Hair

You can show off your hair in a single-line design with a low fade. Starting at the ear and working your way up is the best approach.

2) Mid Fade for Curly Hair

A bald mid fade will emphasize the curly top. You can use hair gel to make your ringlets look and move better. One of the best fades for curly hair appears to be this one.

3) High Top & Curly Hair

Thick-haired men look their best with a high-top fade. You can add depth to your design by layering them. The first step is to make sure that your face is clean.

4) Burst Fade for Curly Hair

Don a basic faux-hawk and a temple fade to give the impression that you’re more free-spirited.

5) Drop Fade for Curly Hair

Even with thick, tangled hair like this, dealing with coarse hair is a hassle. Your favorite jam can be paired with a rich and faded top.

6) Skin Fade Curly hair

For an Asian man with dark hair and a fade, this can be a completely new look. If you use jam to give the appearance of wet hair, you can fool people into thinking you have it. For those with naturally curly hair, however, this is a fantastic fade.

7) Curly Fade with Beard

This hairstyle has a clean and polished look thanks to the beautiful fades around the ears and the back of the head. A well-groomed beard adds a lot to one’s overall appearance. It’s in the form of a V.

What are the different types of fades for black guys? 

Only a few fade styles are fashionable and current for black men, despite the fact that there are a lot of fade styles. Some of the best fades for black men include the following:

1) Curly Top Fade

The difference between low and high fades may be confusing to you. For starters, make sure your hairline is blurred around your ear and neck. Choose a modern hairstyle that features natural curls to show off your skin’s distinct features.

2) Clean Cut Low Fade

This style is great for black men’s sides because natural hair flattens down when it is trimmed too close. In addition, carving a line into the surface enhances the item without going overboard.

3) Line Up Natural Fauxhawk

In order to achieve a hairdo that complements your haircut, fade your temples and let your hair flow towards your beard. Maintaining a professional appearance, on the other hand, necessitates the use of a lineup.

4) Curly Fade with Side-Line

Adding some facial hair and separating it from the rest of your face can quickly transform your appearance.

5) High Top Mohawk Fade

A high fade, a tapered Mohawk, and a lineup are all part of this unique look. Present your barber with a copy of the image to see if it works.

What are different types of fades for white guys?

The following fades are among the best and most varied for white men:

1) Messy Blonde Fade

Even though pompadours remain the most popular high fade haircut, styles resembling a mohawk are becoming increasingly popular.

2) Forward Comb Faded Hair

All fading styles don’t necessitate a combed back (their most popular form). Hair is more commonly combed to the front these days than to the back of the forehead as was once the case.

3) Disconnected Fade Cut

They didn’t have anything in common. The most avant-garde version of the fade is the Fade. The message is unmistakable. If you’ve ever had your hair cut too short, it’s known as “disconnected.” See what’s beneath you.

4) Clean Cut Fade

Smooching with her grandmother or catching up with her parents on Easter Sunday are all occasions where you’ll see her sporting this faded hairstyle.

5) Taper Fade with Part

This sleek Fade with a part has a lot of visual appeals. Long, thick hair on top, on the other hand, can be difficult to style.

Bottom Line

Consider the shape of your face when deciding on a fade for yourself, and then ask your barber for advice.

In this article, we discussed various types of fades and unique fade styles for curly and straight-haired men alike. Our goal was to provide you with useful and educational information in this article.

Let us know what you have to say in the comments section below!

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