Wella T14 toner before and after on Orange Hair!

Blonde hair is stunning, and many individuals get it coloured in lighter blonde tones than their natural hair. However, there is a drawback to achieving a blonde hair colour. Shades of orange or yellow may occur in hair as a result of this issue. Insufficient bleaching, incorrect shampoos, or improper blonde colours may all lead to this problem. With Toners, however, the orange or yellow hue may be toned down. Wella T14 toner is a top-notch option. Let’s examine how Wella T14 toner effects and improves orange hair before and after.

Colours and toners made by Wella are noted for their longevity. It creates high-quality goods and helps you get the perfect hair colour and tone.

Wella T14 Toner

Yellow, orange, and red are the three most common hues that emerge in blonde hair. The warm colours of a skin tone may be balanced by using a variety of toners that include colours like violet and blue.

To balance the warm red, yellow, and orange hues, cool violet, blue, and purple hues are employed.

Blonde hair with an orange or brassy tone is best treated with Wella T14 toner. Cool colours based on violet-blue hues may be found here. ‘Silver Lady’ is the name given to the hair colour Wella T14 provides to the hair.

Wella T14 Toner

WELLA colorcharm Permanent Liquid Hair Toners for Hair Toning

Treats Orange/Brassy Hair

  • Brand – Wella
  • Volume – 42 ML
  • Color – Pale Ash Blonde
  • Form – Liquid
  • Customer ratings – 4.4 Stars
  • 4700+ Reviews
  • Known as ‘Silver Lady’

Wella T14 is an excellent toner for hair that has an orange or brassy undertone. Using the correct amount and volume developer is all that is required.

This vivid and consistent hue has a light ash blonde undertone and might seem green depending on the light source.

This Wella T14 toner is an excellent choice if you’re looking to lighten your hair following a hair colour mishap.

How to Use It?

Wella T14 toner and a two-part 20 volume developer are combined in a 1:1 ratio. For 30 minutes, stir well and let it to sit. Afterwards, use a gentle shampoo to remove any remaining residue. Use a high-quality conditioner after shampooing to keep your hair soft and manageable.

Do a strand test with a toner mix to determine whether the resultant hair colour is the same as the one you want. Toner and developer may be swapped out at any time.

Using developer in excess of 30 volumes might harm your hair, so use caution. Damaged hair might even become coarse and dry as a result of using bleach.

Wella T14 toner before and after on Orange Hair

T14 by Wella is an orange-/brassy-toned toner. In this toner, the orange colours will be balanced off by the blue-based hues.

A faint ash-blonde hue will be achieved after applying the toner. It will also provide gloss and smoothness to your hair, thanks to the toner. A comparison of Orange Hair before and after using Wella T14 toner is shown in the following photographic evidence.

Wella T14 toner, a blue-based product, was used to tone down the hair’s brassy orange hue. To avoid any orange or brassy tones, the hair was dyed a lustrous light ash blonde.

Feature of Wella T14

  • Even Out Orange Shades
    This is the key feature of this toner, as it evens out the orangey/brassy shade.
  • It gives a pale ash blonde tone
    After eliminating the orange tone, the toner provides hair with a beautiful pale ash blonde tone. It gives a grey tone to the hair.
  • Easy to Use
    One can use it easily at home after determining the right tone & developer for their hair.
  • High Ratings
    This toner has 4.4 Star ratings from around 4500+ customers. It shows how good this product is.

Bottom Line

Wella T14 toner characteristics, use, and promising outcomes were all covered in this article. We hope you can see how effective Wella T14 toner is on Orange Hair before and after it has been treated with it. Do a strand test if you’re considering using it, and see whether it works with your hair colour.

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