Why Floridians must turn out lights and close blinds by 9pm

In Florida, sea turtle season means turning off lights and closing blinds.

40,000 to 84,000 sea turtles nest on Florida beaches from May to October. Turtles excavate tunnels on dry sand at night, lay eggs, then return to the water.

Thousands of hatchlings die yearly from artificial lights, therefore Floridians and tourists are asked to turn off their lights.

Florida contains five endangered or threatened marine turtle species. Green, leatherback, hawksbill, and Kemp's ridley turtles are endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

Baby turtles utilise skylight to find water. When home lights are on, turtles may crawl towards the light rather than the water.

Walking toward artificial light may lead to predator attacks, automobile accidents, or death from the weather.

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