When will the Tau Herculids meteor shower peak in 2022?

The Eta Aquarids meteor shower took place earlier this month, but might there be a next celestial event?

According to NASA, this year's Tau Herculid shower, which is expected to peak on May 30 and early May 31, may be a newbie.

When SW3 was found in 1930, it was the first comet to circle the sun every 5.4 years. This shower's beginnings may be traced back to SW3.

Later, astronomers discovered that the SW3 had broken up into many pieces, leaving a trail of debris in its wake.

When it passed by in 2006, there were over 70 fragments scattered throughout the orbital path.

Experts currently expect that the SW3 debris will hit Earth's atmosphere at a speed of just 10 miles per second over the next few days.

As a result, stargazers in the United States will have the finest view of the Tau Herculid shower's peak.

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