Wednesday, June 22 'Quordle' Answers and Clues

Another round of Quordle is in order. There's no need to panic if you're having problems recalling the day's quartet of words. I've got the answers and the hints ready to go.

Let us first show you the basics of Quordle, in case you've never played before: Let your fingers do the work. Four five-letter words must be guessed correctly in nine tries. 

The trick is that you must simultaneously play all four words.
You'll receive a green light if you obtain a letter in the appropriate location for any of the words. 

A letter from one of your guesses will be highlighted in yellow if it appears in the incorrect position inside a word. 

If three words start with the same letter, you're in danger. Hope you guessed the answers or used my helpful solutions (I'm so sweet).

One (top left) Shell.Two (top right) Bank chase.False (bottom left) Taylor Swift's audience.3 (bottom right) Humming.