Tom Brady discusses his NFL future openly.

In fresh offseason statements, Tom Brady alluded at how tough his choice to play in 2022 was.

Brady said that making choices regarding his future at his age is "difficult" The 44-year-old stated that it's harder for him to get in shape for a season.

Brady stated, "When you're 25, it's simple to know what you want to accomplish next year."

“When you're 43 or 44, there are a lot of urgent and essential things in your life, like your kids, wife, and relationships, and football always takes a backseat.

When football season begins, everyone understands it's 100 percent football. It's a significant commitment to make. 

And to play every game, you must train hard, therefore I must train hard at 44, which is a tremendous commitment. No longer am I 25. We're not 25."