TikToker alleges her new neighbour took down over 300 trees without a permission.

According to a Colorado lady, she was introduced to her new neighbours after discovering that they had illegally chopped down hundreds of trees.

At 185 seconds into the video, the author (@kalicoscommunity) captures herself writing numerals on newly cut tree stumps.

It goes on to say, "A hastily constructed driveway was the goal of my new neighbours, who were rushing to finish it before we came in the spring for the summer.

Our home is precisely in the route of tree cuttings that have taken place without the need for any licences." Hundreds of trees were allegedly chopped down by her neighbour.

As a side note, a lady who owns a mountainside property states that she was working with the Sheriff's department to tally the amount of trees that were chopped down.

A suspect, she says, has already been apprehended. According to her, her neighbour failed to take into consideration the land's natural ability to resist erosion, as seen in her film.

"Without the consent of anybody else! Without a licence, of course! On top of a mountain, there is no consideration for soil erosion! "She put pen to paper.