The Worst Drink for Colorectal Cancer

Sugary soft drinks aren't the healthiest beverage option. They may harm your heart, teeth, and fertility, among other things.

They compared colon cancer incidence and mortality to sugar-sweetened beverage and fructose use.

"SSB and total fructose intake were related with higher incidence and death of proximal colon cancer," researchers noted. 

Drinking these drinks was connected to an increased risk of proximal colon cancer (carcinoma in the early and middle regions of the colon) and of dying from those diseases,

particularly when tumour growth is well under way. Sugary soft drinks tend to aggravate colon cancer tumours, while further study is required.

Sugary drinks aren't simply connected to colorectal cancer. Previous research have linked them to liver cancer. They may also raise your risk of pancreatic and endometrial cancers.