The Umbrella Academy's third season follows Elliot Page.

Elliot Page's shift is handled compassionately and early in "The Umbrella Academy's" third season.

Beyond that, the programme dives from its second-season cliffhanger into an ever-more-complicated universe of changing timelines, duelling super-teams, and existential horrors, 

presented with wacky comedy and irreverence but increasingly directed at a hardy band of loyalists with the patience to keep pace.

Page's reintroduction as Vanya before assuming the name Viktor is a subplot. It's nicely handled but a small part of the show given all the moving and elaborate parts that 

have to be juggled, especially with the addition of the Sparrow Academy, another group of very special babies assembled by the Umbrella gang's "father," Reginald Hargreeves

after their season-2 adventures in the 1960s.The original crew engages in a season-long dance with their alternate-timeline siblings, including a dance routine that highlights the show's fun tone