Spring's hottest hair colour trends.

Glossing is an option, but glazing, a no-lifting method, may give them shiny hair without lifting a finger.

Glazing and glossing employ comparable methods to produce a mirror-like sheen in the hair. The formula, on the other hand, is what makes all the difference. 

Its gel cream recipe has no silicones, ammonia, or alcohol and employs superior pH technology to maintain an ideal acidity level throughout development for healthy results on porous hair

Shinefinity Glaze's zero-lift composition delivers thick, fine, virgin, or curly hair unrivalled shine without harm. Shinefinity Glaze smooths the cuticle for velvety results on dry, brittle hair.

Shinefinity Glaze's 20-minute development time is perfect for speedy services and hectic days. Shinefinity Glaze develops in 10 minutes for clients on the move.

Shinefinity Glaze is straightforward to use; combine your selected colour with activator at a 1:1 ratio. Its non-drip composition lets you serve clients swiftly without making a mess.