Rice and pasta are staples. Which is Best?

Carbohydrates aren't all equal. Whole grains provide more protein and fibre than processed grains

Pasta's carbohydrate content makes it a mainstay for endurance athletes.

Pasta has 220 calories and 43 grammes of carbs per cup. Whole-wheat pasta is gentler on the stomach during exercise than white spaghetti, explains Rizzo.

Rizzo thinks pasta is more processed than whole-grain rice. When we think of processed foods, we think of packaged snacks and beverages linked to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

Rizzo believes pasta isn't processed differently from bread, so it may be healthier. "Bread contains sugars and fillers. Pasta is wheat, water, and B vitamins." Many breads include B vitamins.

If you're not using quick rice, pasta may be easier to prepare. When you're training, time is money.