Ranking the Best Fast Food Fries

McDonald's.Why don't McDonald's fries taste like they used to? You're wrong. McDonald's switched from cow tallow to vegetable oil in 1990. Most loyal consumers have noticed since then. 

Five Guys prioritises fries. Here's Five Guys' secret ingredient. Potato sacks and peanut oil cartons line the entrance. Fresh from the fryer, my order was greasy

"Fry sauce," which is a sour mayo-ketchup blend, is an option at Culver's Culver's. While these fries were tasty, I'd rather get a side of cheese curds from this Wisconsin-based fast-food restaurant 

Waffle-cut fries were exclusively available at Chick-fil-A. If you're a fan of waffle fries in terms of both size and texture, this could be your favourite. 

Surprised that KFC even had fries on the menu. My go-to fried chicken side dishes include mashed potatoes and biscuits when I'm craving a bucket of the stuff. 

When it comes to french fries, McDonald's and Burger King are in a head-to-head competition. The fries at Burger King were excellent on every level.