Pizza Hut's new toppings are crazy.

Some of the world's top fast-food franchises are American-born, but that doesn't imply they were perfected here. McDonald's and KFC adapt their foreign menus to local preferences.

Oreos may convince pizza-crust haters in Taiwan to eat the whole slice. Pizza Hut's No. 1 Salted Chicken Pizza contains Oreos baked into the dough.

KFC Singapore's limited-time Mac 'n Cheese Kentaco streamlines your order in an interesting manner. The "taco shell" is fried chicken, and the filling is macaroni and cheese.

You either enjoy pineapple on pizza or think it's horrible and evil. Domino's in Japan has debuted a 34-topping pizza, presumably to give us something to debate over.

China's odd McDonald's ice cream isn't exclusive. McDonald's in Thailand unveiled a dessert you can dig into. Through April 2022, chilli paste pork ice cream was available. 

Exploding fried chicken is delicious. Popeyes in Singapore served bone-in fried chicken with a sweet and spicy sauce prepared from tomatoes and chilli peppers