New 'McDonald's' foods in Japan make us want to fly

Anything you eat or purchase abroad appears great to us. You might visit the same stores and restaurants at home, but they'll appear better on vacation. This includes fast food. 

McDonald's overseas serves American food. They also adapt meals to local cuisine.

In a TikTok video by @japanontiktok, we see new McDonald's menu items. They're like U.S. McDonald's, but with a twist. Why aren't these things on American menus?

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We'd love those spicy chicken nuggets. We adore spiced chicken. It'll work.

The nuggets and Calpis McShake seem delicious. The yoghurt milkshake sounds delicious. If you liked the video and want to try these foods, go to Japan.

If you can't go, visit @japanontiktok's TikTok channel. Videos will make you love Japan more.