Most painful tattoo spots

The sternum is uncomfortable for comparable reasons as the chest, but it also extends to the stomach, extending the chest's painful vibrations. Disappointing.

Inner arm discomfort is similar to other painful body parts. Again, thin skin and sensitive nerves are at blame. This feels more like a scratching burn than throbbing

Hands, fingers, and knuckles are boney and ligament-filled. Your thin skin will make it quite uncomfortable. "570" Russo's tattoo

No. Nope. Outline, shading, and highlighting stink while tattooing ribcage. Skin is thin and bones are spread out, allowing channels and direct bone for needles to graze.

Chest bone is abundant. Unless you're working on your pecs, your chest skin will be thin and boney. Oh, and needle vibrations will be much more visible this time. 

"Swellbow" isn't a misnomer. To pack ink correctly, you'll be sitting at an odd position with your arm bent every which way, and your elbow will swell like crazy.