Mom's Broccoli Hack Is a Gem

We realise kids can be fussy. Some eat PB&J, hot dogs, and beans every day.

Some youngsters demand chicken nuggets or nothing at all. Whatever picky eater you're feeding, we realise alternatives are limited. 

Well-cooked and seasoned food may boost a child's interest in a meal. Culinary skills may be needed to encourage a child to eat veggies.

@whatsgabycookin demonstrates her TikTok technique for making broccoli taste like candy. Yes, enormous claims. It looks nice to us. This works for other vegetables.

Wow, the broccoli was delicious. Butter, garlic, and parmesan are favourites. Give us some broccoli! Let's test whether TikTok users want to hack.

We know this hack won't turn broccoli into Skittles. It may entice your child to try it.