Maryland couple wins large lottery again

(UPI) — A Maryland couple who won a lotto jackpot 25 years ago won $100,000 again.

The 78-year-old Ellicott City man informed lottery officials he and his wife won a prize 25 years ago.

The guy stated the pair kept playing the lottery and won minor rewards from Bonus Match 5 and Pick 3 draws.

The guy stated he used part of his previous winnings to purchase a $5 scratch-off ticket that won him $20. He bought two $10 Show Me $100,000 scratch-offs,

winning $20 on the first and $100,000 on the second.
The athlete stated his second triumph was "long overdue."

Ellicott City's Waterloo Shell sold the winning ticket.
The winner commented, "It was timely." "Bills!