Kentucky lady bitten by snake

KENTUCKY (WBRC) - It's the kind of stuff that haunts your dreams. When you open your front door, a snake strikes you just above the eye and bites you.

A lady in the state of Kentucky was victimised in this manner.
Because Mara Jo Thomas wrote a post on Facebook detailing her experience,

that post is being widely shared throughout the internet.
In her message, Thomas expressed the sentiment that

"There is truly never a boring moment in my life!" Today, a snake bit me a tiny bit above my eye, and it was rather painful. 

Kenley was outside when she saw it and began screaming bloody murder, so of course I opened the door and bam - it grabbed me. Kenley was outside when she saw it. 

Thank goodness it wasn't poisonous, and it didn't really penetrate my eyeball! I'm throwing away all of my door hangers forever.