Horoscope for June 20-26, 2022 — Astrological predictions for what's ahead!

20-26 June 2022 Horoscope: Our stars must have wonderful news for us this week. One may hope!

Taurus — This week, you may meet a life-changing person. Remember your objectives all week.
Gemini This week might be chaotic. Professionally and personally, you may be busy. 

Cancer - You'll love your mate. Personal and professional life are thriving. Volunteer.
Virgo Fitness is key to avoiding disease. Favorite workout? Family will support you all week

Virgo: Take a brief getaway with family/friends to recharge and recognise your blessings. Joyfully live each day.
Personal legal difficulties may stress you out this week, Libra.

You'll obtain what you desire if you're confident.
Sagittarius It's time to watch your kids. They need affection. Help them plan their futures.

Sagittarius: A relative may bring unwelcome news midweek. Be courageous. You will sustain your family.
Pisces - Prioritize your week's activities to prevent home/work chaos.