Hair Trends for Summer 2022

Trendalytics, a business that predicts digital data and new trends, has identified three major hair trends on the internet and social media. Find out what your customers are looking for.

Curl refresher. According to Trendalytics, customers want to display their natural texture in a healthy manner

Curl refreshers are popular in the mass market, but you may sell them at your salon to curly clientele who want to show off their summer locks.

According to Trendalytics, hair-healthy substances like rosemary oil are popular. Average monthly searches for rosemary oil have increased 116% since 2021.

Butterfly haircuts are trendy on TikTok. The cut combines movement and texture with shorter layers on top blending into longer layers.

Trendalytics detected 9,000 weekly searches for butterfly haircuts, up 911% from 2021.
Summer hairstyles favour easy, hassle-free hair. Butterfly cut adds texture.

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