Great white sharks "extincted Megaladon"

New study implies competition for food with the great white shark led to the megalodon's demise.

Megatooth sharks like Otodus megalodon thrived between 23 and 3.6 million years ago and might have grown to 20 metres long.

In the latest study, researchers tested for zinc in megalodon and great white shark teeth from throughout the world.

Zinc is absorbed into tooth enamel during formation and may be used to determine an animal's diet and trophic level (how far up the food chain it eats).

During the Early Pliocene, when megalodon and the great white shark coexisted, their trophic levels overlapped and they may have fought for food.

William Paterson University professor Michael Griffiths remarked, 'Our data suggest that both megalodon and its predecessor were apex predators'