Ethereum Layer-2 Network Optimism airdrops tokens

Optimism, an Ethereum scaling solutions provider, recently held an airdrop.
Optimism's OP coin launched on June 1, rewarding early adopters with an airdrop. 

Many people didn't obtain their OP tokens, which were delivered to 249,000 wallets.
Optimism announced its DAO activation and OP token airdrop in April. 

Since then, "airdrop seekers" have built questionable wallets to get tokens. Optimism chose a phased airdrop tactic.

First wave, or "Airdrop #1," was limited. These included early Optimism users, DAO votes, multi-signature signers, Gitcoin contributors, and active Ethereum app users.

Demand was enormous, and the team characterised it as a "turbulent launch" that they stabilised after "five hours of non-stop effort."

Once the smart contract allowed claims, it couldn't be stopped. The team's greatest error was not pausing the contract. The claims UI was overloaded and stopped down, so people made their own sharing links