Dog's reaction to woman who reminds him of former owner is amazing

Dogs love deeply. We're crying after discovering why a dog attacked a woman's suitcase. Check it out with some Kleenex.

@thebrainandbody met the dog in her hotel lobby. Katiebugg is a military TikToker. Imagine how perplexed she was when the unidentified pup began crying over her possessions.

"This hotel dog kept crying at my luggage and boots," she wrote. "His former owner served, I learned.

We underestimate dogs' intelligence "said. The dog appears like he's waiting for his prior owner. Sweet.

Katiebugg's video moved many to tears. @poppykinggaming gushed, "That dog loves you now." @pkbelialinfintari wrote, "He assumed his closest buddy was home."

@entitledcow quipped, "I adore opening this app to weep." ""My folks have them!" They're rare. Can you say he? "@nottellingyou5 commented.