Disney delays 2,000 jobs in Florida because to DeSantis

Walt Disney Co. has delayed by three years the relocation of personnel from California to Florida.

The decision comes as the corporation disputes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' Parental Rights in Education bill.

The legislation restricts teaching about sexuality and gender identity in K-3. Critics call it the "Don't Say Gay" rule and say it's anti-LGBTQ.

A spokeswoman informed the Los Angeles Times that the migration of certain staff to Florida is related to the company's new campus in Lake Nona, Orlando.

The corporation intended to shift 2,000 workers to central Florida to take advantage of $570 million in tax incentives in July 2021. Moving would take 18 months.

Many feel the move was political. A former Disney Imagineer noted that the delay looked to be Disney "sticking it to" DeSantis.