Depression and period delays?

A woman's menstruation or cycle might be late for numerous reasons. Pregnancy is clear. Poor diet, overexercising, and chronic sickness are others.

Cortisol alters a depressed woman's cycle. The hypothalamus, a brain structure that regulates the reproductive system, stops delivering signals to the ovaries 

Taking a pregnancy test as soon as your cycle is late might be accurate. If it's negative and you don't receive your period in a few days or you miss it that cycle, consult your doctor.

Depending on these early tests and other criteria like your age, she may go on to more specialised diagnostic procedures, such as:

Chromosome testing for Turner syndrome.Fragile X testing.Examining the uterus using a hysteroscopyPituitary MRI.Check your reproductive organs using a CT or MRI scan.

If depression is behind your late or skipped periods, reducing your stress and treating your depression will get you back on schedule.