Caleb Ferguson has been recalled from Triple-A by the Dodgers.

The Dodgers recalled Caleb Ferguson from Triple-A Oklahoma City before Thursday's game against the Mets at Dodger Stadium.

Ferguson could have returned Wednesday after 15 days in the minors. Since being moved to Oklahoma City, Ferguson has struck out eight of 10 hitters in 4 games, allowing one walk and one hit by pitch.

Saturday was his final outing.
Ferguson started the season on IR after Tommy John surgery. On May 16, he made his first major league debut since September 15, 2020.

Michael Grove was optioned to Triple-A for Ferguson. Grove is a starter but was called up Saturday for lengthy relief

During Grove's second trip in the major leagues, he participated in one game out of five total and pitched in one of those games.

On Wednesday against the Pirates, he was in mop-up duty and allowed three runs in an inning in which he pitched.