Biden Urges For Action on Gun Legislation After 21 Slain in Texas School Massacre

At a Texas elementary school, a shooter shot and murdered 19 students on Tuesday, making it the worst school shooting in the United States since Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

The Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Chris Olivarez reported that the 18-year-old shooter murdered 19 students and two instructors while wearing body armour and shooting hundreds of shots

According to a senior official at the Department of Homeland Security, the shooter was shot and killed by a U.S. Border Protection agent who was one of many on the scene.

An officer with the Texas Department of Public Safety said the shooter also shot his grandmother before driving to Robb Elementary School in Uvalde

She was evacuated to a hospital in serious condition, according to Estrada.

The Associated Press was warned by federal law enforcement authorities that the death toll will likely climb. In order to protect their identities, they talked anonymously.


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