Bayern Munich's UEFA Champions League path will be clearer in 2024/25

It is expected that the number of teams competing in the group stage would increase from 32 to 36.

A total of eight games will be played by each side, four of which will be played at home and four away from home. 

The eight games, as far as I can tell, will be played against an assortment of eight different opponents.

A league table will then be created for the teams. Second through eighth-placed teams are guaranteed a berth in the knockout rounds.

For example, if German and Spanish clubs are top performers in a season, both nations will get an extra Champions League slot the following year.

In this case, the third-place club in the fifth-best European league would take the following berth. In order to qualify, the team currently needs to go through the preliminary rounds.

"Champions Path" qualifiers are those that feature league champions but do not go straight to the group stage, according to UEFA.

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