Angelo Moriondo, espresso machine inventor, honoured with coffee-stained Doodle

Today's coffee-stained Google Doodle honours Angelo Moriondo, the espresso machine's inventor.

Our forefathers didn't have as many coffee-making alternatives as we have now. Brewing espresso is a popular and dynamic choice.

"Espresso" derives from "express" and fits all three criteria. Compared to other 19th-century brewing techniques, espresso took under two minutes

Each espresso serving is frequently handcrafted for a client.
Third, espresso refers to the brewing method. Angelo Moriondo, born in Turin in 1851, developed the first espresso machine in 1884.

Angelo Moriondo updated his idea after manufacturing the first machine using a mechanic. Angelo Moriondo hailed from a family of entrepreneurs, thus each gadget

e made helped sell one of his enterprises, according to Il Globo. Moriondo's devices were designed to speed their customers' brewing time.