Amber Heard's lawyer says she can't pay Johnny Depp's $10.4 million

Amber Heard's lawyer argues she can't pay Johnny Depp $10.4 million after his defamation trial triumph.

Bredehoft acknowledged on TODAY that Heard won't be able to pay Depp's damages and that the actor plans to appeal.

Bredehoft: "She has good reasons to appeal." Heard's lawyer didn't disclose the appeal's type or filing date.

"It's a trial story, really. Johnny Depp transported the identical suit to the UK, where evidence was simpler "Bredehoft.

Depp said he was the victim of domestic violence when married to Heard, who has subsequently said she only slapped him in self-defense.

Bredehoft claimed Depp's legal team stigmatised Heard, causing the jury to ignore her assertions.