Amazing hack for hard-boiled eggs

Breakfast eggs are popular. It's easy to make. Kids like scrambled eggs. Adults like fried eggs. Age is irrelevant.

Eggs are versatile. We like hard-boiled eggs. We know it's not a southwest omelette. Hard-boiled eggs are tasty if seasoned properly.

@feelgoodfoodie discusses her hard-boiled egg technique in a TikTok video. Her skill impressed us. We didn't know you could cook eggs this way.

Wow! No one promised us air-fried eggs wouldn't burst. Hey, it's valid. Do TikTok users like this egg hack? @Sabeeka said, "Try this!"

Yes, we're thrilled to try this new hard-boiling method. Air fryers never disappoint, so we're certain.

@feelgoodfoodie's TikTok channel has more egg hacks. Her videos include uplifting recipes.

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