4 restaurants making a comeback

It's easy to forget that nothing lasts forever during a restaurant chain's peak. Without flexibility, a chain may wonder where all its consumers went.

Some factors are beyond of a restaurant's control (like a pandemic), but others may be managed by paying attention to customers' preferences

Golden Corral was devastated. 124 restaurants closed between 2020 and 2021. Prior to 2018, the corporation had 489 sites, therefore it lost a quarter of its presence.

The epidemic was serious. Dave & Buster's is too crowded.The initial immunizations helped relax limitations later that year, rescuing the business from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

when Hooters unveiled its signature design "breastaurants" weren't a thing. The brand has had various problems and conflicts.
It's debatable if Hooters has aged well, but its longevity is impressive

Bennigan's hasn't recouped its tangible losses post-bankruptcy and doesn't seem to care. The firm has fully refocused. In some ways, it's a different world.