The Ultimate Guide To Wella T14 Vs T18 Toners!

Many individuals color their hair blonde with the goal of having blonde hair since it looks wonderful in all tones. Blonde hair may become brassy or orange, which can ruin an otherwise perfect appearance. Whether it’s due to the incorrect shade of blonde or the wrong shampoo or other products, or any other response, this might happen. There are, however, specialist toners or colors available for treating that brassy or orange tone. Toners manufactured by the Wella corporation will be the topic of this article, with a primary difference between Wella t14 and t18.

To that end, we’ll go over the basics of hair toners like Wella T14 and Wella T18 toners, as well as how to choose the right one for your needs. As a result, let’s go to work.

What is a Hair Toner?

Hair toner is used to correct the color of hair that has been dyed incorrectly. There is no full shift in tone, but it is altered to some degree in order to get an even lighter tone overall. If you have brassy or orange-tinged hair and want to become blonde, you’ll need a hair toner.

How Does Hair Toner Works?

Blonde hair has a brassy or orangey tone to it when dyed. The other hues are now overshadowed and visible as a result of the modifications. Hair toner is used to treat them.

However, Bleach does not remove all of the brassy undertones from the hue. So toner is used to remove the brassy tones left behind by the toner’s purple/violet tones.

Wella T14 Toner

Wella T14 Toner

WELLA colorcharm Permanent Liquid Hair Toners for Hair Toning

  • Brand – Wella
  • Volume – 42 ML
  • Color – White Lady
  • Form – Liquid
  • Customer Ratings – 4.4 Stars
  • 4500+ Reviews

Dark-toning Wella T14 Toner is available. The violet-blue colour gives it an ashy hue. It covers all the hair equally and is said to give the hair a more natural grey tone.

A more bright, substantial, and subdued pale grey tone, T14 even has a trace of the tiniest green tint when it’s viewed from certain angles.

If you see an orangey hue in your hair, you should apply the T14 toner. Hair with yellow tones can’t use this product.

The Wella T14 toner, on the other hand, is ideal if you want to get an ash or grey hue.

Will Wella T14 damages the Hair?

Using the toner for over 30 volumes may cause harm to your hair since it will grow stronger than most permanent damages. Bleach might cause hair damage since you may need to use it before applying toner.

Wella T14 Toner before and after on Orange Hair

Wella T14 is great for hair with an orangey hue and may be used to level it out. Your hair will appear better and even more grey or ashy if you use T14, but use it at a volume lower than 30 to avoid damaging it. The before and after images of the Wella 14 toner on Orange Hair is shown here:

Wella T18 Toner

Hair that is naturally yellow will seem whiter when applied with Wella T18 toner. It’s a grey toner like T14, but it’s warmer.

A tinge of violet may be seen in the T18 toner Wella t18 toner is recommended for those seeking a platinum or white hair tone. Wella t18 should not be used in excess of 30 volumes since it may harm hair.

A platinum appearance may be achieved by using the Wella T18 to remove the yellowish and orange hues from the hair.

Wella T18 Toner

WELLA colorcharm Permanent Liquid Hair Toners for Hair Toning

  • Brand – Wella
  • Volume – 42 ML
  • Color – Silver Lady
  • Form – Liquid
  • Customer Ratings – 4.4 Stars
  • 4500+ Reviews

Wella T18 Toner before and after on Orange Hair

Wella T18 oner works well on dark blonde hair and may be used to remove their yellowish undertone. Using the t18 toner, you may get platinum or white hue for your orangey-toned hair. Here’s a comparison of Orange Hair before and after using the Wella 18 toner:

Wella T14 vs T18

Let’s compare the two Wella toners, Wella T14 and T18, and see what the differences are.

  • The orangey side hair may be evened out with the help of Wella t14. However, if your hair leans yellow, T18 is the colour for you.
  • Hair dyed with Wella t14 has a light grey texture, whereas dyed with t18 results in platinum or white hue.
  • The T18 has a richer, more nuanced sound than the T14.
  • The lightest shade of ash blonde is T18, while the palest shade is T14.
  • T14 and T18 used to be known as “Silver Lady” and “White Lady,” respectively, because of the colour tones they impart to hair.
  • Because T14 has a blue foundation, the orangey tone is evened out, whereas T18 has a purple base, and the yellowish tone is evened out.

Wella T14 versus T18 have a few key distinctions.

How to Use T14 & T18?

If you want to use T14 or T18 toner, you need to be aware of the proper procedure for each of the Toners. In order to get the most out of your T14 or T18 toner, follow these steps:

Wella Color Toner T14 or T18, 20 Volume Developer, Gloves, Due Brush, Glass Bowl & Tin Foil are all needed for this method.

Step One – Mix the components & do a strand test.

A gel-like mixture is formed when toner and developer are mixed in a 1:21 ratio, so begin by doing this. Start the timer and use a tiny section of hair to apply the gel. If you want to get your desired outcome, rinse the mixture with water after it has been sitting for a while.

The strand test will tell you when it’s time to leave the mix.

Step Two – Apply the Toner & Let it Sit.

Use the same mixture and let it set for the same amount of time on all of your hair as you did on a single piece.

Allow it to rest for 8-10 minutes for a lighter tone and 20-25 minutes for a darker tone if the strand test was not performed.

Step Three – Wash with normal shampoo & Condition the hair

Once the timer has elapsed, use a regular shampoo to remove the toner from your hair. Use a high-quality conditioner or oil to keep them looking their best! This is vital for regaining the strength of hair that has been subjected to so much chemical manipulation.

Voila! Your hair will appear stunning thanks to the Wella T14 or T18 toner that you’ve applied to it.

Can we mix the Wella T14 & T18?

The T14 and T18 toners may be mixed to get a medium hair colour. Quite a few individuals do this to get a hair colour somewhere in between platinum and grey. However, to keep your hair from being weighed down, combine the two in a developer with a volume of 10-15%.

How to choose the right toner?

If you want to choose the best toner for your skin tone, start by examining the colour of your hair. There are three sorts of hair colours: orange, yellow, and reddish. Different kinds of toners are now being used to smooth them out.

  • Choose a blue-based toner if your hair is orange.
  • A violet-based toner is best for those with yellow hair.
  • You should use a green-based toner for red hair if you want to lighten it.

Bottom Line

There were no other toners used in the production of this. We hope you now have a better understanding of the differences between T14 and T18 toners, as well as how to properly utilise them. Whether you found this post useful or not, please let us know in the comments section below.

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