The Hime Cut: Japanese Haircut That Gained Popularity Worldwide!

You’ve most likely seen him sliced in a Japanese or a Korean film. Japanese and Korean cultures have embraced it for years, and now it’s making a comeback in the West as well. Women like this haircut because they believe it makes them seem adorable. It’s also a legitimate reason.

Several high-profile celebrities in Hollywood, Korea, and Japan have been sporting the hime cut, which has contributed to increasing its popularity.

The historical hairstyle for ladies known as “time keto” or “home haircut” is called “hime katto.” For centuries, it has been a part of Japanese culture. Japanese anime and Korean cinema have brought this haircut to the prominence it deserves.

Let’s take a closer look at hime cut, its history, and the numerous varieties that exist. Let’s also find out why it’s so popular in Western nations.

What is Hime Cut?

The Hime Cut is a Japanese hairstyle in which the sidelocks and forehead bangs are both shaved to brow length and the forehead bangs are left long enough to reach the cheeks. There is just a little amount of hair left on the forehead and the rest is retained on the sides.

When it comes to the hime haircut, Binsogi and Amasogi haircuts are blended together to create a unique appearance. To get Binsogi’s hairdo, the hair is chopped close to the ear and reaches the ear length. Hair is shaved to the shoulders in the Amasogi haircut. As a result of this, his hairstyle is a hybrid of both of these styles.

History of Hime Haircut

In Japan, the Hime Haircut dates back to the Heian Period. About a thousand years ago, people began wearing their hair in this particular way. Japan’s Imperial Court was where it all started. Hair length was increased, while bangs and sidelocks were chopped to the cheek.

Named from the Japanese phrase for a princess, the name is associated with the upper echelons of society. There’s a good explanation behind this.

The hise hairstyle, which originated in the Heian era, has remained Japan’s most popular choice for royal women and members of the royal family. The emergence of this style started to separate women from the rest of society in the Heian period.

Hairstyles like this one have been worn by Japan’s royal dynasties for centuries, giving the royal lady a distinct appearance.

It became famous in the current age because of its frequent appearances in anime and Korean films.

Popularity in Modern Era

This hairstyle quickly became popular among Western women once they saw anime characters sporting it, and soon even Western women were sporting it.

When Yumeko Jabami, a character in the anime Kakegurui, sported the style, it became a widespread trend. Japanese Drama and South Korean Movies also helped bring it to the attention of the general public.

Britney Spears had this haircut, which took the hime cut to new heights.

Momo Hirai has also had a similar hairdo in the past. In June 2020, Blackpink’s music video for “How You Like That” featured Lisa in a similar hairstyle.

The hime cut is also becoming more popular in South Korea, because of the influence of K-Pop singers and musicians. But, of course, their supporters have their hair chopped as well.

Women throughout the globe have a great deal of interest in this hairstyle, which is why it’s becoming more and more fashionable.

Reasons behind the popularity of Hime Cut

What is about the time cut that appeals to women, and why is it is growing in popularity on a daily basis? Women with round faces and fatty cheeks may benefit from this haircut. Allows hair to hide the face from the side, making women’s features seem slender and more attractive

This haircut is very popular among women since they believe it enhances their attractiveness as a whole.

Care and Maintainance of Hime Cut

Regular touch-ups on the sides and front hair are required to keep the hime cut in shape for those with naturally unruly locks. Straightening irons and straightening shampoos are also often used to achieve a straight hairstyle.

Moisture may be a concern for some hair types since it can cause the hair to curl if there is too much. For side locks, hair extensions may be utilized to prevent this.

Types of Hime Haircut

Many various sorts of styles may be found in Hime haircuts, which are full of variety. Although the hair cutting area is the same, cutting styles vary, resulting in a varied appearance of the hair. Although there are more than 20 different forms of the hime haircut, we’ll focus on the most popular ones. To that end, let us now examine them.

1) Cheek-length Hime Cut

Hairstyles with cheek-length fringes and cheek-length side hair are a staple of the traditional hairstyle. This is the most popular hime hairstyle because it gives off a lovely appearance.

2) Chin-Length Hime Haircut

Side bangs that fall below the cheeks or bangs that reach the cheeks are both acceptable cuts for the hime katto hir style. Having lengthy sidelocks helps to hide any excess fat that may be on the side of the face.

3) Long Hime Cut

It’s a fantastic idea to experiment with a long hime cut if you don’t want to completely alter your appearance. The side hair isn’t trimmed any shorter than the length of your cheeks in this style. As a result, you won’t have to cut your hair as often if you shave the side hair with regular-length hair.

4) Double Sidelocks Hime Cut

It’s known as a “twin sidelocks” hime cut because the first pair of side hair is trimmed to cheek length, then the second pair is chopped to a little lower length. Layers make hair seem thicker and fuller, so the more layers, the better.

Double Sidelocks Hime Cut

5) Curved-In Hime Haircut

The curved-in hime cut gets its name from the way the side hair is shaped at the ends. The hairstyle requires regular care and upkeep.

Curved-In Hime Haircut

6) Dissociated Hime Cut

You can guess the look of this haircut based on its name. Bangs and sidelocks are two separate styles that should not be combined. As a result, the disconnected hime haircut has been dubbed such.

7) Tapered Hime Cut

This hairstyle is best suited for thick hair. The hair is tapered in the opposite way in this style. Your hair may be toned down by blending the ends together. Thicker hair is a commitment, but this haircut shields you from it.

Modern Hime Cut

8) Modern Hime Cut

For the first time ever, you don’t need to cut your hair to the point where you can see your forehead. Instead, the sidelocks are combined with side bangs to create a regular yet fashionable hime hairstyle. With a round face, it is best for ladies to wear this style.

Modern Hime Cut

9) Hime Cut Pigtails

The hair is pulled into pigtails in a Hime Cut style and knotted to the side. Both the front and side bangs are trimmed to a length that reaches the cheeks. Anime and cosplay are the most common places to see this kind of hairstyle, but they may also be seen in the real world.

Hime Cut Pigtails

10) Hime Cut Bob

The remaining back hair is shaved to a length of the shoulder or chin, with identical front and sidelocks cuts. People with bob haircuts are embracing this style.

These were only a handful of the most popular styles for hime. For women in both Eastern and Western nations, these hairstyles are becoming more trendy.

Hime Cut Bob

Bottom Line

So there you have it, a primer on the hime haircut, its origins, and several variations. A hime haircut, which does not need frequent cutting and is simple to keep, would be the finest option. If you want to appear adorable and join in a trend, get a hise haircut.

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