Summer 2022 Is Going to Be Full with These 3 Hair Trends

Maintaining current trends and making them available to your customers is essential, but knowing why these styles are so popular is just as critical—and often goes far deeper than just keeping up with the latest fashions.

Using data gathered from online searches and social media, Trendalytics has identified three hairstyles that are expected to gain in popularity in the near future. Learn what your customers are looking for and why in the next paragraphs.

1. Refreshing Curl

According to Trendalytics, customers want to show off their natural texture in the healthiest manner possible. Since 2021, the number of people looking for a “curl refresher” has increased by 31%. Curl creams and other products that assist to improve natural curls are also common searches.

For customers with naturally curly hair who want to show off what Mother Nature has given them this summer, professional products like curl refreshers may be sold at your salon.

2. Essential Oil of Rosemary

A growing number of women are seeking solutions to the often-difficult problem of female hair loss, as seen by recent online searches. According to Trendalytics, rosemary oil and other elements that promote hair health and development are becoming more popular. The weekly average number of searches for rosemary oil has increased by 116% since 2021, to 39,000.

Despite the fact that this may be a social media product craze, the fact that so many people are concerned about hair loss should give stylists pause. Having open and honest discussions with your customers regarding hair loss and teaching them about goods and methods to alleviate the condition may help create trust and security during a difficult time.

3. The Butterfly Cut

The butterfly hairstyle is getting a lot of popularity thanks to TikTok. A mix of movement and texture can be found in the cut, which has shorter layers at the top that seamlessly transition into longer ones. According to Trendalytics, butterfly haircuts have seen a 91% spike in weekly searches since 2021, with an average of 9,000 searches per week.

A carefree, easygoing hairstyle is a must-have for summer dressing. With the butterfly cut, you may create an illusion of texture.

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