Is Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss Really Effective?

To lose weight, you either have to stick to a strict diet and exercise regimen or you have to go under the knife and remove fat from your body. Red light therapy, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly popular as a quick, simple, and secure alternative. In this treatment, it is claimed that fat cells beneath the skin are targeted. But still, many studies question the effectiveness of red light therapy for weight loss. 

So, does it help with weight loss? Red light therapy has been found to aid in weight loss in numerous studies. However, the outcomes have been limited.

Let’s get to know more about red light therapy for weight loss, its effectiveness, and more about it!

What is Red Light Therapy?

A low-powered red light is used in the red light treatment to deliver wavelengths directly through the skin. Adenosine triphosphate synthesis increases as a result of light absorption by cells (ATP).

The body’s natural processes are stimulated by this increase in ATP. Lower inflammation and improved blood flow are just two of the many benefits that come from this process.

This technology opens and liquefies fat cells by shining a light through 1-2 inches of skin, resulting in weight loss. In this way, fat can be released from cells and used as fuel. When fat cells are reduced, your body appears slimmer.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work For Weight Loss?

LED lamps are used to bathe the body in red and near-infrared light wavelengths during red light treatment. Adipocytes, the cells that store fat, are targeted by their light. Fats and toxins can be dispersed by the light wavelengths, allowing them to exit the body through sweat.

The “therapeutic window,” a range of wavelengths between 650 and 850 nanometers (nm), is considered the most beneficial. 620–700nm and 810–850nm are the wavelength ranges for red and infrared light, respectively, in this window.

Is Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss Rally Effective?

Many people claim that red light therapy helped them lose weight, but doctors and scientists are still sceptical about its efficacy. There has been a slew of studies done, all of which have yielded promising results.

Three regimens were tested on 60 people during a study in 2020. The waist circumference decreased by 0.8 inches after receiving red light therapy twice a week.

After three months, the waist sizes of these participants remained the same as they were before treatment.

For two weeks in 2013, researchers monitored 86 participants who received 20-minute LLLT treatments every other day for two weeks. In all, the waist shrank by 1.2 inches, hips by 0.7 inches, and thighs by 1.2 inches, for a total loss of 2.8 centimeters (3 cm). This study, however, lacked a comparison group.

It is true that some studies have shown positive results, but these studies are not of the highest quality. They don’t have a large enough sample size, and none of the other requirements for a sound investigation have been met. That’s why doctors and researchers are skeptical about red light therapy for weight loss. 

How Much Weight Can You Lose With Red Light Therapy?

Weight loss can be achieved by taking a 20-minute red light therapy session for four weeks, according to studies. If you take the therapy multiple times a week, your results may vary depending on how much weight you want to lose, as well as your body’s fat percentage.

For people with a body fat percentage of more than 25%, a computerised weight loss program is usually recommended.

How Often Should You Do Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss?

When it comes to this question, there is no one-size-fits-all answer because everyone’s body is different and the weight loss results one desires are also different. Experts recommend 3-5 20-minute sessions per week for several months in order to see visible results.

As a general rule of thumb, 8-10 sessions are required for a noticeable weight loss.

What is the Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss Cost?

The cost of red light therapy for weight loss can range from $100 to $500 per session at a spa or specialised red light therapy facility. According to the center’s location, six sessions of red light therapy for weight loss can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000. The cost of red light therapy sessions is heavily influenced by the location of the clinic.

Homered light therapy can cost anywhere from $165 to $60,000 for a Light Slim bed panel, which is the most expensive option.

Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss: Is it Safe?

Clinical studies and health experts have found that red light therapy is a non-invasive method for weight loss that is safe. Red light therapy for weight loss has been found to be safe in the vast majority of studies.

You should, however, seek the advice of a trained red light therapist before undergoing the procedure. In addition, make sure to get the treatment in a clinic that has been approved by the FDA.

What Other Conditions Can Red Light Therapy Treat?

In addition to aiding in weight loss, red light therapy has the potential to treat a variety of other health issues. It has a wide range of health benefits. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

1) Skin Care for the Elderly and Everyone Else

A 10- to 20-minute session of red light therapy Skin tone can be improved and signs of ageing reduced by using this product 3-5 times per week for up to four months. Collagen production and density will increase, fine lines and wrinkles will be eliminated as well as general skin issues will be addressed.

2) Hair Thinning

Hair loss sufferers may find relief with the use of red light therapy. If you use 10-20 minutes of red and near-infrared light three to five times a week, you can help stimulate hair growth.

3) Pain in the joints

Patients with degenerative osteoarthritis may benefit from exposure to red and near-infrared light, according to one study. Those who tried it for 15 minutes twice a day and saw great results say that’s where you should start.

4) Skin wounds and scars

Collagen production is increased and scars appear less noticeable after only 10-20 minutes of weekly red light treatments for 1-4 months.

5) Chronic skin conditions

Rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and psoriasis can all be treated with red light therapy. For chronic skin conditions, the best strategy is to expose the skin to a red light on a regular basis in order to alleviate symptoms and promote healthy skin.

What are the Downsides and Risks of Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss? 

It is true that red light therapy has some drawbacks and even some risks. Take a look at the following examples:

  • Significant amounts of fat necessitate the use of massive light treatment devices.
  • Because the majority of trials have been carried out on people with a BMI of 25–30, its applicability to populations outside of this BMI range is uncertain at this point.
  • In one study involving LLLT, two participants had their skin destroyed by the laser.
  • In the study, a large majority of participants were white, which suggests that it may not be as effective for other racial or ethnic groups.

Bottom Line

This was all about red light therapy for weight loss. If you’re looking for a weight-loss method that doesn’t require much effort and doesn’t require you to go under the blades, then red light therapy is the answer. Whatever research has been done on it thus far has yielded positive results. As a result, while its effectiveness is undeniable, the outcomes are modest.

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