In order to increase salon productivity, here are three tips

There are a number of ways you can guarantee that you and your company are operating at their best, like hiring an assistant to help you manage your business, following a fixed schedule, or using goods that improve efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at each of these facets.

[1] Make use of assistance

What about employing a personal assistant and a support network? Stylists with an 80 percent or greater production rate should enable an assistant to aid them in offloading the services that may be taking up too much of their time. In addition, it’s our job as hairstylists in this field to give back to the future generation. The easiest method to achieve this is to make sure you can afford to onboard a new member of your team. Having an assistant may have a huge impact on your company, from assisting you with intricate color applications to allowing you to spend more time with customers at the back bar (for instance, providing a long scalp massage at the shampoo bowl).

[2] Decide on a timetable that works for you

You’re saying yes to everything, aren’t you? Early arrival and late departure? Over time, this might lead to exhaustion and exhaustion. Your visitors will respect your booking hours if you connect your calendar with your ideal way of living. This will provide you with more time, a more positive outlook, and a boost in energy. What questions should you ask yourself before deciding on a schedule? To what extent do I want to work? How many hours per week am I looking to put in? Is there a certain day of the week that I’d want off? Most of my customers want to come in at what time of the day. Once you’ve figured out what works best for you and your customers, it’s time to share. In order to improve productivity and time management, it’s vital to set clear boundaries for oneself.

[3] Take advantage of new items

New technologies that make our jobs easier are making our planet a more enjoyable place to live and work in. A slew of new tools, foils, and colours from the biggest names in the hair care industry is on the market. Your toolbox should be full of new tools that are both interesting and time-saving. As a result, ColorBow—a clip-comb that can be used to achieve balayage, ombré, hair cutting, flat ironing, and more—is one of my favorite tools right now. FastFoils, which are heat-activated foils with a particular coating for highlighting, are another favourite of mine. With FastFoils, the processing time is reduced by 25%, and the need for higher developer levels is eliminated, making them ideal for high-volume production.

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