How to Have Flake-Free Scalp Naturally

Around 40-50% of the world’s adult population has flaky scalp problems. It’s true that not all flakes are the same. Do you offer your salon customers a customised treatment plan? Experts at Rene Furterer say that hairdressers may now give the optimum scalp support for their customers by:

  • Talk about “flaking” instead of “dandruff” to normalise the topic of the scalp.
  • Use a professional’s knowledge to determine if the flakiness is oily or dry.
  • If your client’s scalp is flaking, recommend a personalised, sensory shampoo and treatment plan based on their unique needs, rather than a chemically harsh “one size fits all.”

Nature-inspired tale

As a plant grows from nutritious soil, healthy hair develops from healthy scalps. In the Rene Furterer brand’s worldwide success and long history of hair and scalp care knowledge, this is the company’s philosophy.

What’s the most recent development of the company? A dry flaking shampoo and an oily flaking shampoo, both derived from plants, are available from Neopur. Customers will be pleased with the results of both formulations, which are designed to minimise flaking and relieve itching soon after application. It was tested on 72 people with dry and oily dandruff for 21 days in a consumer study.

An Expert Opinion And A Brand-New Idea

We asked Rene Furterer Education Manager Chuck Hezekiah to give us a summary of Neopur’s new tailored shampoo method to fixing flaking and asked stylist and scalp specialist Chuck Hezekiah for his thoughts on the advantages, ingredient narrative, and how-to instructions. Additionally, he emphasises how well Neopur works with Rene Furterer’s well-known Astera Fresh Concentrate pre-shampoo treatment, which is the first stage of a “prep, cleanse, condition” approach that mirrors modern skin care regimens.

When it comes to dealing with flaky scalps, salon owners and stylists should pay more attention.

Hezekiah: It all begins with the terminology we use when discussing scalp issues with our customers. The term “dandruff” has become an archaic and derogatory one. Whether we ask our customers if they have dandruff, they are much than likely to deny it. However, half of all customers complain about a flaky scalp. Allergic, seasonal, hormonal, hereditary, and stress are just a few of the many potential triggers that may result in either an oily or a dry rash on the scalp.

It is important for Neopur Scalp Balancing Shampoos to address the flaking problem, and stylists have two formula alternatives to choose from as well as improved verbiage to use when consulting with customers.

How come Neopur now?

Hezekiah: Consumers nowadays are very concerned about their own physical and mental well-being, as well as their level of stress. Since 1957, Rene Furterer has been committed to ensuring the health of our customers’ hair. According to the results of our investigation:

  • Among males in the United States, flaking is the most common hair problem.
  • Anti-flake shampoo is purchased by 27% of males and 14% of females.

A big commercial opportunity exists for salons that wish to provide meaningful, focused solutions to the problem of flaking, since it is a major concern for salon customers.

Rene Furterer has previously supplied alternative solutions for flaky scalp, but new technology means that we can now offer two botanically based formulae that are softer for the client, with a lovely aroma and effective effects that customers begin feeling with the first Neopur shampoo application.

In most cases, the initial application of the proper Neopur mix reduces the amount of flaking and itching a client experiences. Neopur’s natural rebalancing of the scalp microbiota keeps flakes from returning for up to four weeks following application.

Neopur’s mechanism of action What’s the story behind the ingredients?

In place of zinc pyrithione, which is often used in anti-flaking shampoos, the major components in Neopur shampoos include Wild Ginger Extract and Celery Extract, botanical mixes proved to be equally as effective and mild as chemical chemicals like zinc pyrithione.

Neopur has two lovely products for flake-prone scalps, both of which are made with natural, ethical ingredients. As a non-drug option to flake control, we’re especially pleased of Wild Ginger Extract, which comes from an Ecocert-certified provider. Also:

  • Neopur Scalp Balancing Shampoos cleanse the scalp from the inside out without causing any discomfort.
  • Scalp rebalancing is long-lasting using sensory compounds.
  • Using the extracts of wild ginger and celery reduces flaking on the first use and relieves itching quickly.

Q. What distinguishes dry flaking from oily flaking, and how can stylists tell the difference?

Hezekiah: The stylist may utilise a few basic clues to determine whether a client’s scalp is flaking and prescribe the appropriate Neopur shampoo.

  • It is impossible to see flaking on a healthy scalp since it has a well-balanced microbiota.
  • Itchy, flaking scalps are caused by excessive Malassezia (yeast-like fungus), irritation of the scalp, and peeling cycles.
  • In adults, dry flaking is more prevalent than oily flaking because of a lack of sebum on the scalp. It’s an indication of a dry, flaky scalp when you massage it and dead skin comes off in flakes that feel like salt or sand or when you notice tiny scales dropping over your shoulders.
  • Excessive sebum is the cause of flaking that is oily. Yellowed onion skin-like flakes may attach to the scalp or a few hairs, making it difficult to remove them from the hair.

Q. Is it really that important to use the appropriate flaking formula?

Hezekiah: Yes, very definitely. Using the improper formula might worsen scalp issues. Seborrhea, or oily “dandruff,” is one of the most common causes of flaking. They remove the oil and then “push that skin down” to keep it from flaking. However, this “masking” might lead to further problems and discomfort. Neopur assures Rene Furterer that it helps hairdressers treat both sorts of flaking since there are two kinds. That’s great news for both you and your customer, as well!

1. Dry, flaky scalp Neopur

  • The result is a hydrated scalp and lustrous, bouncy hair.
  • Glycerin derived from plants nourishes the hair follicles.
  • After four weeks of usage, the scalp microbiota has been rebalanced.
  • Instantly, the scalp feels less irritated and itchy.

2. Anti-Flaking Scalp Treatment: Neopur

  • The scalp is cleansed, and the hair is nourished and lustrous.
  • Curbicia (squash seed) extracts may help manage the amount of oil in the bloodstream.
  • After four weeks of usage, the scalp microbiota has been rebalanced.
  • Instantly, the scalp feels less irritated and itchy.

Stylists may make scalp consultations more pleasant and effective by following these tips.

Hezekiah: Because we have professional licences, I like to argue that we are required to examine our clients’ scalps in great detail. In most cases, a problem with the hair originates from the scalp (except for damage from heat or processing). Observe, touch, and even smell the scalp on each visit (to detect any slight fungal odors). In order to get a clear picture of what your customer is thinking and feeling, look into their eyes and “see” what they’re thinking and experiencing. Then, ask:

  • Has your scalp changed, or has your hair become longer or shorter?
  • Is itching a problem for you? Observe whether they reach up and scratch, or show evidence of continuous scratching.)
  • Do you have any places on your scalp that are inflamed or infected?

Begin the discussion by saying, “I’m seeing something unusual about your scalp.” When you’re through explaining, always say, “I’m here to assist.” Clients want healthy, beautiful hair with no problems. And they appreciate it when you give solutions like Neopur that help alleviate their pain and produce results.

Is there a specific procedure for applying Neopur to the scalp at the salon and at home?

Identifying scalp flaking may be done in three easy stages, says Hezekiah:

  1. You may use Astera Fresh Soothing Freshness Concentrate, a blend of Asteraceae extract and mint and eucalyptus essential oils, to help relax, cool, quiet, and balance an irritated scalp and decrease inflammation before you shampoo your hair with Astera Fresh Shampoo.
  2. Use the appropriate Neopur shampoo to do a double cleanse (for dry or oily flaking). The Neopur should be used twice, the first time to remove the therapy and the second time to thoroughly clean the scalp. Repeat after that. Why not just once? When applied to a clean scalp, wild ginger and celery extract constituents from Neopur are most potent. This allows these natural elements to enter and soothe, as well as aid in eliminating the dry flakes from the scalp with the second wash.
  3. Apply a conditioner tailored to the demands of the client’s hair, such as a color-treated or moisturizing formula from Rene Furterer. Products from Rene Furterer are divided into three sections: the scalp, the hair shaft, and the ends.

It’s simple and essential to use Astera

First, Astera may be used in the salon, and subsequently it can be used at home as a weekly spa treatment routine. Before shampooing with Neopur, just apply Astera, massage it in, and let sit for up to 10 minutes. Think of it as a “scalp facial.”

For those who find it difficult to include self-care into their daily Neopur regimen, we recommend that they set aside time once a week to do so. Rub the Astera concentration in for just 60 seconds, then wash (twice) and condition after letting it sit for for another 3-5 minutes.

Makeup removal and pre-cleansing are vital to caring for one’s face skin in the same way that Astera Fresh works in tandem with Neopur to soften, detoxify, rebalance, and soothe even the most irritated and prickly scalps.

Wild Ginger and Celery Extracts from Neopur Help Prevent Flaking

When it comes to health and wellbeing, many people are looking for natural solutions to their concerns, and plants are the world’s first remedies. To ensure that our plant-based products are the finest on the market, we’ve tested and retested them here at Rene Furterer for years. Everything is set, and so can you.

Anti-Flattening Properties of Wild Ginger and Celery Extracts in Neopur

When it comes to health and wellbeing, many people are looking for natural alternatives to satisfy their requirements. The greatest plant-based solutions for healthy scalps and hair have been tried and improved at Rene Furterer. As long as you’re prepared, you’ll be ready, too.

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