How to Cut Short Hair: A Complete Guide

To assist hairdressers navigating the big cut, Sam Villa ambassador Becka Bradshaw offers some advice.

As a powerful move, going short has and will continue to be an expression of one’s identity and flair.”

and a statement of personal liberty. As Bradshaw points out, it “exudes confidence and can be effortlessly stylish because of its style adaptability.”

  • Understanding a few basic rules might make it easier for stylists to get visitors in and out in a jiffy.
  • On the basis of the shape of the skull, this design was created. After separating the crown and the top of the head, divide the neck, back, and sides into their own lines. This makes the cut more manageable by allowing each part of the head to be clipped at a time.
  • Each part of the cut might have a distinct height, over direction, and finger angle in order to make the cut visibly merge together.
  • Use a big shear, and remove the majority of the material.
  • Smaller shears may be used for light maneuverability in limited areas.
  • Elevation (movement upward and downward) governs the layered structure. Weight may be added to an object by raising it above the horizontal 90 degrees, whereas weight can be reduced by raising it below the horizontal 90 degrees. The majority of the hair may be shaved off at the nape and left piece-y around the periphery by shaving it at a greater height there.
  • You can control where your fingers leave a form by changing their angle. The quantity of hair in the segment may be kept uniform by using an even finger angle. The section’s top or bottom would be shortened if the fingers were angled diagonally.
  • Shapes are more likely to move when they are over-directed. Hair grows back toward the ear when the sides of the head are cut in an unnatural way using a razor.
  • Razors are ideal for creating movement and wispy texture.

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