How much does Laser Fungal Nail Treatment Cost?

Toenail fungus is a common cause of toenail thickening, discoloration, brittleness, and yellowing. Nail fungus, on the other hand, can now be treated with lasers. 80-88 percent of the time, this is an efficient method. Laser treatment is an option if you suffer from nail fungus. But many of you may have this query, how much does laser fungal nail treatment cost? 

There is a $500-$700 price range per foot for laser nail fungal treatment; for both feet, the price ranges from $800-$100. Two sessions are typically required to complete the procedure. However, your nails will require a second treatment after the first, and this can cost up to $300.

Laser Nail Fungal Treatment: What Do We Know?

How much is laser therapy for toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus laser treatment costs between $500 and $1,000, depending on whether you need treatment for both toenails, the severity of the infection, the number of sessions required, and other factors.. For the most part, four sessions are all that’s needed, with each session costing around $150.

The cost may increase if you need more than four sessions because of the severity of the infection. If the infection persists after treatment, you will have to pay for additional treatment, which increases the overall cost.

What if your nail still has infection after treatment? 

As long as your podiatrist finds that your nail infection hasn’t disappeared after a few months, you’ll need to see him or her again. Additional treatments will set you back about $300.

What factors affect the cost of laser fungal nail treatment? 

The cost of laser fungal treatment isn’t a hard and fast number. It all depends on the severity of the infection, the type of infection, the patient’s health, and where the patient is receiving treatment, among other factors. So the cost is influenced by these factors. Let’s take a closer look at each of these elements:

1) How many nails are affected?

As the number of infected nails increases, so does the price. There are a few things you should know before you begin treatment, including the number and severity of infected nails. Until a patient has been evaluated, pricing cannot be discussed.

It will cost less than $500 if you have one toenail infection, but it will cost more than $500 if you have multiple toenail infections.

2) The severity of Nail Infection

Patients’ nail fungus infection levels and the fungus’s ability to spread are unique to each individual case. Some nails have been completely ruined by the infection, while others have been damaged to a lesser extent. In other words, as the nail becomes more damaged, more sessions are needed, and the more expensive they become.

3) Patients Health

The cost of treating a nail fungal infection is also influenced by the health of the patient. There are some people who are unable to fight off the fungus due to a predisposition in their genes or family history. Some patients are infected with nail fungus because of their families.

For patients with weakened or damaged immune systems, additional treatment is almost inevitable, which will increase costs.

To make matters worse, nail infections in athletes are more difficult to treat because of the increased risk of getting them while participating in sports.

4) Type of Nail Infection

There are numerous types of nail fungus. The cost of treatment may be affected by the type of patient receiving it. In order to successfully remove nails infected with nail fungus, one must first determine the type of fungus. Several (fungi) are more dangerous and difficult to eradicate than others. As a result, the cost of treatment will go up.

Are you receiving treatment at a clinic or at home?

There is no doubt that the cost will vary from one clinic to the next. As a result, if you’re getting treatment from a reputable facility, you can expect to pay more. However, you can expect to pay much less if you go to a regular clinic for your treatment.

How much is laser therapy for toenail fungus, which is ten years old? 

If you’ve had toenail fungus for a long time, you’ll need a long-term treatment plan. Toenail fungus treatment requires a follow-up treatment plan. After six months of regular laser treatment, you will receive additional treatment. Between $100 and $150 will be charged for each treatment.

Only 15% of patients require this treatment, however.

Is nail fungus laser treatment covered by insurance?

No, laser treatment for nail fungus is not covered by health insurance. Insurance companies do not cover the cost of treating nail fungus because it is classified as a cosmetic procedure. If you’re hoping for compensation, you won’t get it.

However, if a podiatrist finds a serious fungal infection that necessitates medical attention, some insurance companies will cover a portion of the treatment costs.

Bottom Line

We’ve provided a price estimate for the project. Is laser fungal nail treatment a one-time or recurring expense? To find out how much treatment will cost and how many sessions you’ll need if you have nail fungus, make a point of visiting every podiatrist office in your area. For laser nail fungal treatment, choose the best and most affordable clinic.

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