Barber chairs that fold up? Is it possible to purchase these chairs at a local store or online through a site like Amazon?

They do exist, and you can purchase them from Amazon. Due to the Covid situation, portable barber chairs are in high demand and will continue to be so.

Some of the best portable barber chairs have been compiled following a thorough investigation of these chairs. The chosen portable chairs have also been compared according to various criteria and features.

Before we get into the specifics of portable barber chairs, let’s take a look at who needs them and what features they should have!

Salon Chairs on Wheels?

In light of Covid, barbers are now looking to purchase portable barber chairs so that they can provide home service to their clients. Even some people desire portable barber chairs so that they and their loved ones can be groomed in the privacy of their own residences.

Freelancers, hairdressers, and barbers all want the flexibility of being able to offer their services in a variety of settings, including the comfort of their own homes.

Hairstylists, like barbers, also require portable barber chairs so that they can visit their clients at home to perform services.

These Portable Barber Chairs have a lot to offer!

There are a few things to consider before making a purchase of a mobile barber chair. The following characteristics also went into compiling our list of portable salon chairs: –


A portable barber chair’s primary feature should be comforting. Because traditional barber chairs in salons are extremely comfortable, your customers shouldn’t have any complaints if you purchase a mobile barber chair.

In the barber and hair salon industry, customer satisfaction is critical to retaining clients. Comfort is the most important thing to look for in a portable barber chair.

Be it foldable or not

When it comes to portable chairs, portability is the most important quality. Additionally, it must be capable of being folded at various angles. This is the only way you can carry it easily. The three sections of a portable salon chair are the seat, the backrest, and the leg base.

The salon chair should either be able to be separated into separate sections or be able to be folded.

Capacity for Weight

Prior to making a purchasing decision on a portable mobile chair, consider the chair’s weight capacity. As a result, it’s something we’ve thought about. Your reputation as a barber or hairstylist could be seriously damaged if something goes wrong because of a lack of weight capacity.

A mobile barber chair should be able to support at least 300 pounds (130 kilograms) of weight.


Folding salon chairs’ capacity, comfort, and portability are all influenced by the materials used. We’ve compiled a list of portable barber chairs based on their material.

Because it is made of plastic, the chair needs to last. The seat, on the other hand, should be cushioned and comfortable to sit on. A lightweight plastic chair will be simple to transport, assemble, and disassemble.

Waiting Chairs for Barber Shops – Easy Online Ordering

Aluminum chairs are light, but they are difficult to assemble and disassemble.


A warranty is a necessity that should be considered when making a purchase. Any time your chair breaks is stolen or has a manufacturing defect, please contact us immediately. We are here to assist you. Then you can use the warranty to get the money back.

If you can’t find the warranty information on the website, you can ask your seller.

Transport Methods

The ideal feature of a portable salon chair is that it is lightweight and portable. First and foremost, it should be able to be folded or disassembled, as well as lightweight. In addition, you’ll need a chair travel bag for the chair itself.

When compiling our list of the best portable mobile chairs, we kept these points in mind. Before you buy a portable salon chair, you should keep these points in mind.

List of the 5 Best Traveling Salon Chairs.

After weighing various factors, we’ve compiled a list of the best portable salon chairs. However, we didn’t forget about things like cost and optional extras. Because you can put your faith in us and our recommendations, you can even choose a chair from the following list with ease. The following are some examples:-

Ver Mobile Barber/Hair Stylist Chair 

Ver Mobile Barber/Hair Stylist Chair 

Professional Makeup Artist Chair Directors Chair
  • Brand- Ver
  • Customer Ratings – 4.5 Star

If you’re looking for a portable barber chair, the Ver Mobile stylist chair is a great option. It has a slew of different options.

This chair, which looks like a director’s chair, is actually a makeup chair that doubles as a barber/stylist chair because of its versatility.

The chair has a headrest, which is unusual for a portable chair.

This product’s specifications, materials, and other features will be discussed in detail here!

  • Dimensions – 22.25 x 19.5 x 43.25 inches
  • Weight – 18 pounds / 8.165 kg
  • Material – Aluminium 
  • Color – Black and Rose gold
  • Fabric – Black Sunbrella (High durability) 
  • Height Adjustable – Yes
  • Foldable and Portable – Yes
  • Headrest – Yes
  • Weight capacity – Near 300 lbs 
  • Warranty – Not mentioned 
  • Handbag – No
  • Price – Priced at $249.99. 


  • The chair can be folded and assembled back in a few seconds.
  • Durable Aluminum product.
  • Comes with a removable headrest.
  • Height can be adjusted accordingly.
  • The footrest is available.


  • Weight is a bit high.
  • Not much comfortable as compared to other products.
  • Somewhat challenging to carry.
  • Warranty not mentioned by the seller.
  • Carry case not included.

Aside from that, this chair is extremely sturdy and looks great. In addition, the chair’s weight capacity is around 300 pounds.

It’s like icing on the cake because it includes a headrest. Even the headrest can be removed if necessary.

There are many ways to use this chair. There are even more than four-star customer reviews for it.

Depending on the seller, the price may be different.

According to us,

Paddie Mobile and Adjustable Barber Chair/Table

Paddie Mobile and Adjustable Barber Chair/Table

Paddie Facial Table Tattoo Chair Massage
  • Brand- Paddie
  • Customer Ratings – 4.5 Star

One of a kind, the Paddie Mobile Chair Cum Table can be used by a wide range of professionals. Table and chair in one: it’s both padded and foldable.

It’s well-padded and comes with a detachable headrest for added convenience.

This chair is ideal for customers who want to get their hair done while sitting comfortably.

This product’s specifications, materials, and other features will be discussed in detail here!

  • Dimensions – LWH- 72.8 x 24 x 27.6inches 
  • Weight – Not mentioned
  • Material – Steel frame
  • Color -White
  • Fabric – PU leather
  • Cushion thickness – 3 inches
  • Height Adjustable – No
  • Foldable and Portable – Yes
  • Headrest – Yes
  • Weight capacity – Up to 330 lbs /150 kg
  • Warranty – Not mentioned 
  • Oil Resistant & Water Resistant – Yes
  • Armrest – Padded Armrest
  • Handbag – No 
  • Price – Priced at $229.99. 


  • Padding makes it comfortable.
  • Water and oil resistance.
  • Due to its steel body, it can hold a weight of more than 330 lbs.
  • A towel hook is available.
  • Removable armrest and headrest. 
  • Use in multiple activities of the hair salon. 
  • The backrest and footrest can recline up to 60 and 45 degrees, respectively.


  • Height cannot be adjusted. 
  • No bag was provided for transportation. 
  • No mention of warranty by the seller. 

To sum it up, Peddie’s mobile barber chair is a complete salon solution that you can easily transport to your customer’s home or any other location.

Its cushioning provides a pleasant sensation. Haircutting, massage, hair styling, shaving, and makeup application are all possible on the chair’s long, adjustable seat. Because of its adaptability, a large number of people are already taking advantage of this product. It’s an excellent choice.

It had a 4.5-star rating from customers.

This item also includes a stool. So, if you’d prefer, you can purchase this table and chair combo, which comes with a stool.

Our Rating –

Jupiter Force Portable Salon Chair

Jupiter Force Portable Salon Chair

 JupiterForce Portable Beauty Salon Furniture
  • Brand- Paddie
  • Customer Ratings – 4.5 Star

You can use Jupiter Force Portable Salon Chair to perform a variety of salon and massage tasks. It’s a salon chair with a variety of functions.

For salon, spa, and massage activities, the chair’s ergonomic design allows for a variety of adjustments.

This product’s specifications, materials, and other features will be discussed in detail here!

  • Dimensions – LWH- 23 x 18 x 42 inches 
  • Weight – 24 pounds/ 10.89 kg
  • Material – Aluminium frame
  • Color – Black
  • Fabric – Polyurethane leather
  • Cushion thickness – 3 inches
  • Height Adjustable – Yes
  • Foldable and Portable – Yes
  • Headrest – Yes
  • Weight capacity – Up to 660 lbs
  • Warranty – Not mentioned 
  • Oil Resistant & Water Resistant – Yes
  • Handbag – Yes
  • Price – 122.89


  • Easily adjustable and foldable. 
  • Easy to carry.
  • Can carry heavyweight. 
  • Useful in various salon activities. 
  • Handbag for maintaining it. 
  • Adjustable and removable headrest. 
  • Economical in price


  • Armrest is not available.

Whether you’re a salon owner or just a regular customer, this chair is a great investment. This product is one of a kind due to its layout. For example, it can be used for shaving, haircutting, and massaging as well as for styling.

The product’s weight capacity is by far its most useful feature. It has a maximum weight capacity of 660 pounds. When it comes to transportable chairs, this is the best of the best.

Heavy-duty and easy-to-clean, the chair seat is also water-, wear-, and oil-resistant.

If you have clients scattered across the country, you can easily fold it up and transport it from one location to the next.

A majority of customers have given it four stars.

As a portable barber chair, it’s a solid pick. Even so, it can be used for more than just barbering.

Our Rating –

Teeker PU Leather Round Rolling Stool

Teeker PU Leather Round Rolling Stool

Teeker Round Rolling Stool
  • Brand- Teeker
  • Customer Ratings – 4 Star

No one ever said a stool couldn’t replace a portable barber chair. You only need a lightweight, easy-to-carry stool for your camping trip. Now you can transport this nimble stool with ease thanks to the lightweight design of the Teeker Round Rolling Stool.

And if you have a car, it will definitely work. It is also adjustable in height, which means that it takes up less space while being carried.

The compact product can even accommodate footrests. It’s easy to move thanks to its five wheels. The stool can support up to 220 lbs of weight, which is excellent for the price and type of product.

This product’s specifications, materials, and other features will be discussed in detail here!

  • Dimensions – LWH- 13 x 13 x 34.25 inches 
  • Weight – 8.8 pounds/ 3.9 kg
  • Material – Chrome steel
  • Color – Black
  • Fabric – PU leather
  • Cushion thickness – Not mentioned
  • Height Adjustable – Yes
  • Foldable  – No 
  • Portable – Yes
  • Headrest – No 
  • Weight capacity – Up to 220 lbs
  • Warranty – Not mentioned 
  • Oil Resistant & Water Resistant – Not mentioned
  • Handbag – No 
  • Price – 48.99


  • Very cost-friendly product. 
  • It weighs less and is easy to carry. 
  • It is comfortable. 
  • Its wheel makes it easy to roll. 


  • No armrest is available. 
  • Not suitable for heavy use. 
  • It is not foldable.

Barbers and stylists looking for an affordable alternative to the Barber chair will appreciate this mobile barber equipment. It doesn’t mean it has fewer features just because it’s cheaper. It has a good weight capacity, can be raised and lowered, and can move quickly.

Our Rating –

Jihong Retractable Folding Stool

Jihong Retractable Folding Stool

 Upgrade 4.0 Portable Retractable Folding Stool
  • Brand- Jihong
  • Customer Ratings – 4.2 Star

This is the most portable, lightweight, easy to carry, and foldable of all the products mentioned above. Even so, it has no problem supporting more than 350 lbs of weight.

It is still possible to use this stool as a mobile salon stool despite the lack of a backrest, footrest, or armrest on it. In addition, its small size made it on our list of favourites.

Adjustable from 2.8 to 18 inches in height, it’s fine.

The specifications, materials, and features are all here!

  • Dimensions – Diameter – 10 inch, Height – 2.4 inch to 18 inch
  • Weight – 1.94 lbs/ 880 g 
  • Material – ABS/Polyamide plastic material
  • Color – Different colors 
  • Cushion- No cushioning
  • Height Adjustable – Yes
  • Foldable  – Yes
  • Portable – Yes
  • Headrest – No 
  • Weight capacity – Up to 350 lbs
  • Warranty – Not mentioned 
  • Oil Resistant & Water Resistant – Yes
  • Handbag – No need
  • Price – 24.85


  • Compact size, foldable, and easy to carry. 
  • Light-weight. 
  •  Multiple uses
  • Cost-effective product


  • No armrest, footrest, and backrest. 
  • Uncomfortable. 
  • No wheels are attached to the product, makings it challenging to move if the client is sitting.

This portable barber chair is an excellent choice if you want to save money while still getting a high-quality product. If this is the case, then you should buy it right away. For a wide range of activities, this stool is a good choice.

If you’re looking for a compact, adjustable, foldable, strong product, this one is the one to go with. You can use it for more than just barbershop activities. In fact, the straps on both sides make it easy to carry without the use of a bag at all. On Amazon, it’s rated four stars.

This stool has some drawbacks, as well. It does not have an armrest, backrest, or footrest. When your client sits down, they may feel uncomfortable. We don’t recommend this stool for premium customers.

Our Rating –

Do you have any preferences?

All of these products, as I mentioned earlier, are our top picks for you. It’s also possible to just pick the best portable barber chair. If that doesn’t satisfy your needs, we’ve got just the thing for you:

Paddie Barber Chair and Table on Wheels

You’ll thank us later if you buy this portable barber chair now!

The End

Portable barber/salon chairs were among our top picks previously. These products were mentioned after extensive research and personal use on our part. You have the option of purchasing them directly from us or in whatever quantity you deem appropriate.

Also, in Covid times, cleanliness is the first thing your customer will notice, so keep your products clean at all times. For this reason, it’s a good idea to clean your equipment and chair every so often. Also, the product’s lifespan will be extended.


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