Babylights vs Highlights – Which one to choose?

The stylist asks whether you want Balayage, Ombre, Foilage, Highlights, or Babylights. Most folks don’t know the difference between these options. If you’re one of them, don’t worry; we have Babylights & Highlights info. We’ll also compare Babylights and Highlights.

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Babylights versus Highlights and their similarities are discussed.

What are Highlights?

Highlights brighten hair with bleach or lighter hair colour. Foils are used to divide the hair and simulate heat to lighten it rapidly and effectively.

Some portions of hair are highlighted, while others are left untreated to produce a natural mix. The highlights are usually three shades lighter than the hair’s original colour.

Full, part, or strip highlights are possible.

Methods of Highlights—Two ways to emphasise. One approach uses aluminium foil to segment hair, apply bleach or colour, and then seal. This procedure is time-consuming yet effective.

Second, use a cap. Hair is covered with a cap, and then strands are plucked out. The cap is removed after colouring or bleaching the hair. The hair is then blended and highlighted.

What are Babylights?

Babylights are long, delicate highlights. It’s a highlighter subfield. Babylights highlight more hair, requiring more time and effort. Babylights provide sun-kissed, natural-looking highlights. Babylights outlast regular highlighting.

Babylights have finer hair parts that mix more naturally. It emphasises more regions than typical, creating one colour tone.

As a precise procedure, it’s more expensive and time-consuming than highlights. Babylights are commonly used to transform hair colour completely, from brown to blonde.

Babylights vs Highlights

Babylights are a subset of highlights, but they’re different. Babylights vs. Highlights:

Babylights involve bleaching or coloring of hair into small but most sections.Highlighting involves sectioning off hair into bit large sections & bleaching or coloring them.
Mostly all hair are bleached or colored in babylights.Some sections of hairs are bleached or colored & other hair are left to natural tones.
It is a delicate & time-consuming process.Highlights is a less time-consuming & easy process.
It is a costlier process as it needs time & effort.It costs lower than babylights.
Babylights shoud be done from a proefssional.Highlights are easy to do so can be done at home also.
The results of babylights are beautiful, natural looking hair.The results of highlights are the transition of colors from natural to lighter tone.
Babylights show only one hair tone.Highlights show more than three hair tones.

Babylights vs highlights. There are also some commonalities. Babylights and highlights brighten hair. Both employ bleach or lighter hues. Babylights are part of highlights.

Bottom Line

We hope you understand highlights vs. babylights. Now you can simply choose between babylights and highlights.

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