4 Ways to Enhance Your Barbershop’s Guest Satisfaction

Expectations for the barbershop experience are developing just like those for any other beauty facility, and the sort of customer seeking an appointment is also changing. There has been an increase in the number of women and minorities using barbershops, which was formerly seen as a male-dominated sector.

We’ve gathered advice from salon and barbershop owners that use the Zenoti platform in their businesses to help you achieve – and even surpass – these expectations so that your barbershop can be the brand of choice time and time again.

There are many steps involved in the classic barbershop experience. The customer enters, checks in at a counter and waits to be serviced by one of the shop’s many barbers. Waiting in line is a waste of time for most individuals, particularly those who have full-time jobs and families at home. Use online booking with appointment times, wait times on your website, or an app that tells you when a client has arrived to remove this process and see more people right away.

It is possible to arrange an appointment at Ruffians’ barbershop brand online and choose the day or time that works best for them. A “easy booking procedure that isn’t cumbersome” is a vital beginning point for building an improved, end-to-end experience, according to CEO Andrew Cannon.

Create a Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

The barbershop experience revolves on developing personal connections with other customers. Guests expect to be made to feel welcome, important, and respected. Spend some time getting to know your target market and making it clear that your barbershop is for them.

In order for Jonny to do this, he needs a welcoming atmosphere.

As a visitor at levi studio, you can expect to be welcomed “as you are.” Furthermore, at Jed’s Barber Shop in New York City, everyone is welcome. All services are categorised as either “male” or “female” in honour of this. Hair and beard trimming are listed separately, and customers may choose from lengthy or normal cuts. As a result of this strategy, Jed’s focuses on the whole visitor experience, not only guys. According to Dan, General Manager of Jed’s, “this has helped us create a more inviting place and really foster a community of individuals who enjoy visiting us.”

Encourage the use of electronic means of payment

Digital payments have become commonplace in today’s society. More than half of shoppers say they won’t buy a product from a company if it doesn’t accept contactless payments.

Since “auto-pay and mobile payments are the new normal for them,” adds Cannon, “guests desire these options.” Inviting customers to use a mobile app to pay for services is part of an improved guest experience that provides ease at every step of the journey. A software system that integrates payments with all of the other aspects of your organisation can help you operate it more efficiently.

When it comes to booking and paying, customers at Birds Barbershop may use a single technological solution for self-service ease. The positive impact on Birds’ employees and visitors has been enormous. According to owner Jayson Rapaport, “the visitor experience has been enhanced by removing front desk lines.” When it comes to taking care of visitors in the chair, “our personnel can concentrate 100 percent.”

Make it your own by incorporating your own personality

Hair salons and barbershops are known for their intimate service, so it’s crucial to keep that in mind while implementing new technologies. Keep in mind that the actual haircut is merely one of the many reasons people return. To paraphrase Dan, Jed’s GM, “Why go back to a barbershop if there is no personalization?”

Establishing an immediate rapport with a new customer is a priority for the owner of three Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop shops, Jessi Pooni. He considers the lack of a receptionist to be a “big miss.” It’s a great way to begin a long-term, trusting connection.”

When technology takes care of the administrative tasks, employees are free to concentrate on providing an amazing guest experience and treating each visitor like a friend. Store preferences and insights from prior visits in guest profiles to take things even farther. Your barbers and stylists will be able to create a more distinctive experience for your customers if they are familiar with this information.

Contact Zenoti now to learn more about how we can help your salon or barbershop stand out from the crowd.

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