4 Hairstyles for Textured Clients You Should Try Out

Natural textures are becoming more popular. Soft waves, curls, and coil locks let the user express their individuality and express their personality.

Make a Style Statement

Step 1: Use Mizani True Textures shampoo and conditioner to wash and condition hair. Moisture shampoo and conditioner should be replenished. After shampooing, put a plastic cap on your hair. Put a horizontal portion from the neck down. Retain the remainder of your hair in the plastic cover for now. Apply water and Mizani Miracle Milk to the area.

Step 2: Use a Sam Villa Signature Series 9 Row Finishing Brush to spread the product evenly. Then apply Mizani CoCo Dew and Foam Wrap. Discard the brush after sprinkling it on generously.

Step 3: Scrunch the product into the hair.

Step 4: Curls may be further defined by gently separating each one.

Step 5: You’ll use the remaining portions of hair to repeat stages 1 through 4.

Step 6: Use a Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer and a deep-bowl diffuser on high heat and low airspeed to disperse hair in Step 6. While diffusing, be careful not to touch or disturb the curls. Start diffusing hair in an upright posture to lock in the curl pattern. Once the curls are in place, move your head forward, backward, and side to side to further diffuse the hair.

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